China-Based Biopharmaceutical Company Dedicated to Bringing the Best-in-Class Drugs to Chinese Patients

JI Shanghai Biotechnology, Co., Ltd. is a privately-held and newly established oncology company headquartered in Shanghai, China. We intend to introduce superior oncology drugs that are in clinical development in the US and Europe to China to meet the unmet needs of patients with advanced cancers and to shorten the gap between China and US in the pace of drug approval.

Opportunities with Crenolanib, an Oral Pan-FLT3 and PDGFR TKI
JI Shanghai Biotech’s lead asset is crenolanib, an orally-administered, highly potent and selective mutation-resistant Type-1 pan-FLT3, PDGFRα, and PDGFRβ inhibitor with best-in-class potential in multiple oncology indications. Crenolanib has been evaluated and is continuing to be evaluated across sixteen phase I-II clinical trials in hundreds of patients, demonstrating promising clinical benefit and safety in multiple indications.
We have secured exclusive rights to crenolanib in China from Arog Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a U.S. based biotech who obtained global rights to crenolanib from Pfizer in 2010. Through our collaboration, JI Shanghai Biotech plans on participating in Arog’s global development plan by conducting local arms of its Ph. III studies in AML and a variety of solid tumors, including R/R Gastric Cancer, Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) and Glioblastoma.

Development Opportunities with Ocaratuzumab, a Next Generation CD-20 mAb
JI Shanghai Biotech also anticipates securing exclusive rights in China to ocaratuzumab, a next-generation anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody that demonstrates superiority through extensive engineering in treating B-cell malignancies in clinical trials.
Mentrik Biotech is a U.S. Based biotech who acquired exclusive global rights to ocaratuzumab from Eli Lilly in 2011. We anticipate participating in global studies and executing China-specific studies through our collaboration.