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Founded and headquartered in Shanghai, JI (Shanghai) Biotech Co., Ltd. is a privately held oncology company. We are facilitating the development of oncology drugs in China with Arog Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a U.S. based biotech who obtained global rights to crenolanib from Pfizer in 2010. JI (Shanghai) Biotech plans on participating in Arog’s global development plan by conducting local arms of its Ph. III studies in AML and, potentially, solid tumors.

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Clinical Trial Pipeline

Indication Patient subset Phase I Phase II Phase III
FLT3 Pipeline
AML Relapsed/Refractory (2L & 3L) NCT03250338
Newly Diagnosed (1L) NCT03258931
Post-Transplant maintenance NCT02400255
Solid Tumor Pipeline
GIST PDGFRa D842V mutated NCT02847429
Glioma PDGFRa  amplification NCT02626364
Gastric Relapsed/Refractory NCT03193918
JI (Shanghai) Biotech Co., Ltd Research


Phase 3 Study of Crenolanib + SOC Chemotherapy in Relapsed/ Refractory FLT3 AML

JI (Shanghai) Biotech Co., Ltd Analysis


Phase 3 Study of crenolanib versus midostaurin in newly diagnosed FLT3 AML

JI (Shanghai) Biotech Co., Ltd


Phase 3 Monotherapy Study of R/R (All Lines) D842V Mutated GIST


Latest Publications

Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Authors: Aaron D. Goldberg, Catherine C. Coombs, Eunice S. Wang, Roland B. Walter, Chatchada Karanes, Carlos E. Vigil, Boo Messahel, Richard M. Stone, Robert H. Collins

Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Authors: Robert Collins, Swaminathan Padmanabhan Iyer, Yogesh S Jethava, Chatchada Karanes, Boo Messahel

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